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Dr. Richard Madow

If your group is ready to learn, laugh, and finally swim in the calm, cool waters of productivity and happiness, it’s time to bring award-winning speaker and best-selling author Dr. Richard Madow to your meeting!
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Introducing Dr. Richard Madow

Dr. Richard Madow has been a prolific speaker and writer for over 25 years, having appeared before standing room only crowds in every major city in North America. Known for his humor, spontaneous wit, and musical prowess, Dr. Madow keeps crowds entertained as they learn easy-to-utilize ways to improve their lives.

Booking Dr. Rich is simple! Your group will love him and you will look like a hero!





In his signature talk, "Relax - Ten Simple Ways To Eliminate Stress, Worry and Doubt From Your Life Forever!" Dr. Madow discusses ten factors that can cause huge problems in our lives and reveals actionable solutions. Best of all, each "symptom" is given a hilarious name that cannot be forgotten, making the content extremely user friendly. If you or your audience:

  • Are constantly stressed out
  • Feel too busy to really accomplish anything
  • Would like to make some positive changes but don't know how
  • Are frustrated by the way their lives are going
  • Have irritating thoughts that won't go away
  • Constantly blame others for their situation
  • Try too hard to get everything right
  • Envy what others have

...then it's time to laugh, learn and truly understand what causes stress, worry, doubt, and more. Your audience will learn simple takeaways to becoming highly productive, gain a new focus and energy, and finally enter the cool, calm waters of true happiness!

It took Dr. Richard Madow a near-death experience to figure this all out. Don't let that happen to you! Book Dr. Richard Madow for your next event and get ready to laugh, learn and change lives!

Dr. Rich can also write an absolutely hilarious, custom parody song for your event that is guaranteed to be talked about for years! The subject can be an honoree (birthday, anniversary, etc.), a company, or even an entire profession! Please inquire for more information.

Rich has presented in all of these cities and more!

Here's what people are saying

“Dr. Richard Madow was an amazing speaker and was perfect for our event. Not only did Dr. Madow arrive ahead of schedule to prepare and familiarize himself with the location of the event, the tools to be used for the presentation and to meet the staff he was working with and for, he was the most friendly, charismatic, professional speaker one could ask for. Working with Dr. Madow has been a pleasure. From getting to know one another, following up on requested items, ensuring that each staff member would truly take something away from his presentation, and more, he was fabulous. During his presentation, there were staff taking notes that NEVER take notes. He was excellent!”

Hilary Gould, MSW, LSW
Samost Family and Children's Services

Here's what people are saying

“Inspirational, entertaining and funny!”

Baltimore Center for Lifelong Learning

Here's what people are saying

“The highlight of our conference…”

Eastern Shore Social Workers

Here's what people are saying

“Dynamic, positive, and upbeat!”

SLT Inc.

Here's what people are saying

"One of the best speakers we have ever had!"

Town Hall, Nebraska

Here's what people are saying

"Dr. Madow was great! He ended our conference on a high note and the energy he brought to the room was unmistakable. He was great to work with, professional, on time, and very self-sufficient. It was a pleasure working with him and everyone loved every time he interjected a piece of humor customized to their industry. I would definitely recommend Rich as a speaker and entertainer."

Monica Reinert, Conference Coordinator for NueHealth

Here's what people are saying

"Dr. Madow’s presentation “Relax - Ten Simple Ways To Eliminate Stress, Worry and Doubt From Your Life Forever!” was a great way to address a serious life learning lessons that can be used not only at work but in our personal lives. He presents the information using humor and fun but also gets a strong and valuable message across. Highly recommended!"

Vickie Sanders
Senior Vice President, Business Opertions
NueTerra HealthCare


Call or email Rich to discuss your event, expectations, budget, or anything else!


Baltimore, MD, USA

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